Apsara Rani in RGV's Next Thriller

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The heroine of RGV next film in RGV World Theater  is Apsara Rani .The film is called Thriller. It’s a follow up after the super success of Climax and Naked.

Apsara Rani is from Orissa,born and brought up in the hills of Dehradun and presently lives in Hyderabad .. she’s an excellent dancer and a even better actor.

RGV says “Before meeting Apsara, I dint even hear about Orissa since the 1999 hurricane, but after
meeting her now ,I realized that Orissa creates all kinds of hurricanes. Our whole unit thanks her for dropping from the sky like an angel(Apsara) into our RGV World Theater. It’s been a great revelation that Orissa has such beauties,more power to Orissa.

Here are her pics shot for Thriller. Her social  media and talent is being managed by Shreyas ET

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